Hi there - I'm Jesse and I'm allergic to my life….or sometimes it feels that at least.

This blog is about health, wellness, life, Rosa the Dog and the crazy stuff that happens along the way.

 About me

I'm a joy seeker, I believe in being barefoot as often as possible and in the magic of puppies. I teach yoga and cheerleading with my passion being to help others find their true joy, their innate love for themself as they are - so that they may shine as brightly as possible. I like to write things, explore fun topics and I’m kind of a disaster….or you know allergic to my life. I’m working with my body to heal from multiple autoimmune issues to live as vibrantly as possible.

Mostly I want to help people. If anyone can relate, if anyone feels supported, if anyone learns something, or if anyone laughs I am happy to share my experiences.  Let me know what you think!



Some of it in writing, some of it in video....this is my journey through my health and my life.  I have celiac disease, colitis and some other issues I'm trying to heal and am making lifestyle changes to avoid meds (as much as possible). I also record some daily adventures, quirky stories, random snafus of life and whatever else is on my mind.

Also, Rosa the Dog is really cute and will make several appearances.