a little background on me, #rosathedog and some photos


Instagram: @JesseandRosaYoga


My name is Jesse & rosa the dog is my BFF...

I teach yoga (check out www.myyogakc.com), spoil my dog and am barefoot 90% of the time. Live music is my jam and I love people with interesting stories and a strong spirit. The sun feeds my soul.  I don't like being cold, being hungry or being told what NOT to do.  Tell me what I shouldn't do and I will likely go try it just because I was told not to.  Part of that rebel spirit has tamed a bit as I've gotten older but I think a little mischief is always a good thing.  It's where the adventure happens.  Life is an adventure and we should live it!  Food is another story for me.

I don't remember a time in my life where I wasn't fearful of food. Food made me sick a lot.  I had my gall bladder out when I was 17, I dealt with IBS throughout college, was diagnosed with Celiac disease at 27 and then diagnosed with Colitis at 34.

I eat well and never cheat on my gluten free diet.  I teach and do yoga regularly, I take the pup on hikes and walks, rock climb, play volleyball and be outside as much as possible.  

My health is always a topic of conversation which is only partially where the title of this blog comes from and I am constantly on an ever changing mission to heal and be better. Always with the help of my family practice doctor, my functional medicine doctor, my health coach, massage therapist, acupuncturist, reiki master, my friends, my family and of course Rosa the Dog.  

Oh, also, I am often a touch of chaos.  Crazy things happen when I'm around - partially because I don't get embarrassed easily as I am always open to unbridled joy and an unexpected miracle; and sometimes it’s because I have a disdain for details. So ya, it seems at times I'm allergic to myself, my body and my life.  Some of that (my body) we will get healed, the rest is good for a laugh.