Journey to the Center of my Soul

Ok, so I have a lot of funny things happen to me.  That's part of what this blog is about.  I lose things, break things, make significant messes, have overly amazing ordinary moments, undeniable moments of miracles and lots of mayhem.  

Despite growing up with no significant injuries, allergies or major illnesses throughout my childhood, apparently hitting puberty was the done deal for me. This is also what this blog is about. 

Short order is the following: * gall bladder removed at 17, had made me so sick I stopped eating for fear of what would make me sick, how sick and for how long. *IBS and what not through college where I always carried Immodium AD with me EVERYWHERE...just in case.  * Diagnosed with celiac disease at 27 - which brought on eerily similar symptoms to the gall bladder and further fear of food.  

At 28 my best friend died (my Grandma) and going through stuff of hers, of mine, and of hers she wrote to me I realized how much I had loved writing and how I had longed to do it again (the lessons never end even when earthly life does).  So I made a point to start writing and jotting down notes...about my dreams (literally, I have freaking crazy dreams), my family, my life, my experiences, etc.  I cannot believe that I had forgotten how much I loved writing whether people saw it or not.  

At 31 I started experiencing pain in my finger, then my sternum, my upper back, my hand and my knees.  Here I am now....32, working through pain, fatigue, exhaustion, stomach issues, etc. I am working with a functional medicine doctor to help heal my body and finally be well.  Which I literally cannot remember feeling like.  

I've started this journey and am pumped.  This blog will be written and video of my stories, my personal essays, my journey in health and whatever else comes to my mind that seemingly needs a way out.  

This fits perfectly with my current resolution to say YES to the things that give me that nervous, nauseous, excited feeling.  Sharing my writing, my journey is just that. 

After the celiac diagnosis and going gluten free, I was asked by SO many people how to go gluten free - what to expect, recipes, etc.  So this time around with this new health issue...I've decided to share it as it goes.  

This is a new step for me, a weird one, a hard one - I feel a little like I'm standing naked in the middle of a busy park.  (and for some reason that idea also gives me the nervous, nauseous, excited feeling - watch out park goers!!!)

So because of that funny, gut feeling along with encouragement from friends this is  ....a journey into the things I am terrified/excited to write about, talk about and share...... my weaknesses, my life, my thoughts, my stories.  This is a journey to the center of my soul, a journey I feel called to share with others.  So here we go....