Loving the Home in which My Soul Resides....Trying To

Today was one of those days.  I have "those" days often, hence the title of this whole website. The following photo sums up my day pretty well. 

Sorry Roommate

Sorry Roommate

I'm on Day 2 of full supplement regimen which I'm sorting out with foods so I don't get super nauseated and Day 1 of this elimination diet. I felt pretty good about it all going into it. When I actually take the time to plan I do ok with this stuff.  The big unknown is always how much energy am I going to have to ambitiously tackle all of the things that need all of the tackling. 

Well, yesterday after meal planning, cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping, meal prepping (kind of) - I fell asleep terribly early without getting everything done. 

Woke up at 2am - head pounding, throat scratchy and on fire, hardly able to speak. I have a big event coming up tomorrow and my voice is required.  Needless to say I was a touch grumpy about this development.  It was obviously a promising start to a Monday whose ass I had totally planned to kick.  

So after more sleep, and cursing at my body for hating me, I got to meal prepping. And well....PRO TIP HERE....holding a hand towel on a hot stove top will result in the above photo.  Shout out to my roommate for thinking this was funny as it was her hand towel. Also, I attempted to make tea in her teapot and thought for a minute I broke that too.  (turns out the teapot was fixable...whew) 

Moving on, I went to work on chopping celery and carrots.  So along with my head pounding, my right hand was not cooperating in holding anything or doing any repetitive motions which is less than ideal for using a knife.  

Honestly though, as I was working through the very poor veggie cutting and the shaking out of my hand every few chops, I was thinking of what a coincidental reminder it is of why I am doing this.  

I want to be able to stir quinoa, write in my journal, cut veggies and turn my steering wheel without inhibiting pain.  

So....although my day kind of continued on the mayhem side of the tracks which results in some frustration, I know my body is worth it.  Words that continue to resonate with me are from a beautiful soul I met via Instagram "I resolve to love the home in which my soul resides" - @Wolfgini.

If I am truly loving the home in which my soul resides it is worth every bit of planning, every frustration, every burnt hand towel along the way to make it better. Because I feel like this today does not mean I have to feel this way forever.  

Tomorrow is a new day with exciting things happening. Despite the grumpy beginnings I did kick some of the ass I had set out to and learned more along the way.

Here's to loving the home in which your soul resides so much that you'll treat it the best you can, that you'll give to it via food, exercise, rest, meditation..... with the hope that then you can give the best of yourself to this world.