Make Your Own Rules - Meditation Edition

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Anyone who knows me a little knows I am not a big fan of following rules that seem to serve no purpose. Especially if those rules diminish self expression, fun or are made by people who think one way is the only way.  There is always more than one way.  

No dogs allowed? Well, Rosa the Dog is closer to people than a dog so we're good. Must remain seated in a chair? Really....well, what if I listen and pay better attention seated on the floor??? Don't jump in the gorilla pen? Ok, that's a rule everyone should follow.  I get it, rules have a place.  Oftentimes "rules" get put in place out of habit, or whatever has worked in the past.... and that's no reason for a hard and fast rule.  

I started meditating on a regular basis to fall asleep. I would turn on a guided meditation in bed and end up snoozing into dreamland.  It worked wonders.  That led to me realizing meditation could probably work wonders to chill me the EFF out when I was freaking out about whatever was going on in life that had me all angsty.  So I started meditating outside of yoga class AND during the day NOT laying down to sleep.   

Now, I meditate regularly when I am awake and not sleeping.  I make it a priority because I've seen and noticed the changes a regular meditation practice makes for my own personal sanity.

So when I hear people say, "I'm following this program and it says not to meditate...." here or there or everywhere, or then or now or anytime.....I can't help but roll my eyes.  Because I never knew the rules on meditating when I started. I just tried whatever worked for me. Turns out, everything I tried broke a lot of rules that are out there.  Even now a lot of my meditation practice still breaks many of those rules but because just like yoga, it is MY meditation practice, not yours.  My practice needs to work for me - just like yours needs to work for you.  

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So here's what I say..... DO IT. Meditating on a regular basis will CHANGE YOUR LIFE. Those words are in all caps for a reason.  Because it's true.  It will change your life in a way that even I can't tell you because (insert a Friday Night Light's and James VanderBeek accent) "I don't want (or know) YOUR life".  

So I leave you with a poem on my feelings on "how to meditate"..... enjoy my friends. 

A Poem on Meditation - Dr. Suess Style

Meditate in the morning, meditate at night. Use apps or a program or else you won't do it right.

Meditate when it's cold, meditate when it's hot.  Meditate when you feel good, meditate if you not.

Meditate with your eyes closed, meditate with them open.  Sing a song or hum along to a mantra, chant along with words spoken.  

Meditate with your legs crossed or when you're laying down.  Meditate with your shoes on or if you're barefoot on the ground.

Screw all these meditation rules and do whatever the hell you want.  Because so long as you quiet your mind - You'll be a meditation savant.  

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