An Energetic Experience: My First Reiki Session

I feel like I’m writing about my first bra or something with the title of this, like everyone has experienced Reiki before (pssstt….if you haven’t, you should).  

I am a big believer in the energy of people.  It’s that “feeling” you get when you meet someone that guides the interaction you have before words are ever said.  Call it your aura, your presence, your energy, your light - whatever it is, it is mystical, magical and powerful AF.

So when my friend, Lauren Chavez of Badassed and Balanced and Reiki Master herself, asked me to experience her work I was all sorts of on board.

I’ve had some energy work done in the past (see this post) and am familiar with the ride it can take you on.  Specifically, the ride it can take you on IF you allow the experience to be what it is.  

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect with Lauren but I was super pumped to give it a try.  She’s such a gentle, kind soul, whose voice should be recorded for bedtime stories to soothe any fussy child to sleep.  Or adult even.  Seriously, the woman has a gift.  (Check out her podcast - Badass B in a Pod - and the episode with yours truly here!)

As I got cozy on the soft, warm massage table inhaling Grounding oils from Witch Bitch Elixirs, I simply reminded myself to be present and open to the experience.  Soon, I found myself feeling like I was tumbling in outer space, flip flopping all over myself in the vast openness of the universe with no end in sight.  I knew where I was (the massage table) and began to deepen my breath and started a mantra of “I am safe, I am open” over and over and over again. I did not want to cut this experience short, and I had no idea why I was tumbling into unknown, but I knew it wouldn’t last forever and would lead me somewhere.

Lauren intuitively noted what chakras were blocked and how that related to what was going on in my life.  While Lauren is a friend of mine, she had no idea of knowing some of the things she perceived, which had indeed resulted in injury followed by illness because I hadn’t dealt with some energetic matters of the heart.  

The tumbling stopped as she moved on with her work. I wanted this to be an interactive experience so we talked a bit about what she felt and saw and what I was feeling and seeing along the way.  The details of the visions and their meaning in my life seemed to fit exactly where I have been stuck in my professional and personal life.  The experience provided both comfort and inspiration; comfort in what I know to be true (but sometimes forget) and inspiration to keep following my intuition - specifically, to say YES, or even HELL YES, to the universe when it comes knocking on my door.  

I left feeling tired and out of it, to be honest.  I was energetically exhausted, but excited to take this experience and follow up with journaling and meditation to dive deeper into my soul.  

She gave me the encouragement to push through some difficult things I had been putting off and I recognized that some of my physical symptoms were manifesting in my body through those energetic channels being stifled from inaction. I simply hadn't connected those dots earlier.

Reiki was an incredible experience.  It is one I will definitely go back to again and again.  Staying in touch with my higher self (call it God, the universe, yourself, whatever floats your boat and makes your heart shine) makes me a better teacher, a better friend and a better human being. The closer I can be to that, the truer I feel to my calling and my work resulting in a greater ability to love and be loved.  That, my friends, is kind of my mission on this planet - to love as much and as fiercely as possible.

I’m still exploring the work that was done with Lauren and learning new things from the experience every single day.  She is truly gifted and masterfully insightful.  If you’ve wondered how Reiki can help you - I urge you to give it a try.  Be open to what’s happening not only in your physical body, but your energetic body and notice the difference.  

I challenge you to shed some energetic weight and become closer to who you know you can be, who you know you truly are and who you know this world needs you to be.  Reiki can definitely help you get there.  A wise man once said, “Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no alive who is YOUER than YOU.” - Dr. Suess 

Have you experienced Reiki?